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40 Benefits of Healing

I have spent a lot of time—a LOT of time—pursuing healing* because God has promised me I would be 100% healed, inside and out. That’s why I’ve spent a lot of time meditating on what a healed person could accomplish, if only he or she was healed. Below is a list I offer for your consideration. Please read it and let the Holy Spirit highlight to you what she wants to see happen in your life! Then, pray the prayer below (or another prayer that the Spirit leads you to pray) to start your own journey!

*I define healing as getting the effects of harm out of a person, and it’s partner—maturity—as getting the effects of wisdom into a person.

Category A: Healing Makes Your Life Better

1. A healed person has peace in every situation

2. A healed person has joy in little and big moments

3. A healed person has more patience for other people who are not yet healed

4. A healed person can see the bright side of dark situations

5. A healed person expects a good outcome

6. A healed person is the same person regardless of external circumstances

7. A healed person has deeply fulfilling, intimate relationships that connect at the body, soul, and spirit levels

8. A healed person is beautiful, inside and out

9. A healed person is strong and acts with courage because there is no fear in him or her

10. A healed person can receive, generate, and grow as many resources as he or she needs to accomplish his or her full calling

11. A healed person enjoys amazing sex with his or her spouse

12. A healed person has multi-generational, loving relationships with all of his or her family members

13. A healed person’s family line never ends

Category B: Healing Makes Others Lives Better

14. A healed person can be fully present with someone else: one’s spouse, children, friends, neighbors, strangers, and even enemies

15. A healed person does not have to make the conversation about him- or herself

16. A healed person allows others to feel and express all of their emotions without trying to redirect, stop, or hurry them

17. A healed person does not get angry easily or often

18. A healed person can see someone else’s good intentions even if their actions are hurtful

19. A healed person can forgive others easily

20. A healed person can keep toxic people at bay without being affected by them

21. A healed person does not get offended at anything

22. A healed person sees the positive potential in every person

23. A healed person treats others as if they are equally valuable

24. A healed person desires everyone to experience God’s blessings, even people who don’t like him or her

Category C: Healing Makes Connecting With God Easier

25. A healed person can hear God more clearly because there is no “static” in their body, soul, or spirit

26. A healed person can accept God’s ways because he or she is a reflection of God’s good nature

27. A healed person can dream God-sized dreams and pray God-sized prayers so that God can work God’s will through his or her prayers

28. A healed person can allow the Holy Spirit to flow through him or her unimpeded for the working of miracles, signs, and wonders

29. A healed person can walk out something he or she has never seen or heard of before because he or she does not live with any fear

30. A healed person can minister to God instead of only receiving ministry from God

31. A healed person can recognize God’s voice through visions, dreams, sensations, thoughts, smells, memories, lyrics, etc.

32. A healed person can recognize God’s truth and works in unexpected places: Hollywood, Billboard Top 100, New York Times Best Seller List, and even in other religions and cultures

Category D: Healing Makes the World Better

33. A healed person is more creative in his or her solutions to the world’s problems

34. A healed person has energy to care about the rest of God’s creation: plants, animals, bodies of water, land, and weather patterns, etc.

35. A healed person has the ability to inject hope into hopeless situations: slavery, human sacrifice, drug addiction, poverty, abusive authority, trauma, etc.

36. A healed person has the ability to fight for the weak, and speak for the silenced: the unborn, the young, the old, the sick, the lame, the rejected, the imprisoned, the dead, etc.

37. A healed person is always seeking to grow; therefore, he or she does not take suggestions for improvement as accusations of failure but opportunities for overcoming

38. A healed person can pursue and implement God-sized dreams for God’s creation; because God loved the world so much that He gave His only son

39. A healed person can overcome spiritual forces affecting the entire world, not just a person, a town, or a nation

40. A healed person exudes an image of God wherever they go, in whatever situation ge or she find him- or herself; no evangelism is necessary because everything he or she does speaks of a good God

A Prayer for Healing

Tell me friend: which descriptions above really resonated with you and stirred up longing in your heart? Insert those descriptions into the prayer below:

God, please transform me into a healed version of myself through the power of Yeshua’s work on the cross and the Holy Spirit on this Earth. I give you permission to do anything you want so that I can be the kind of person that ______________________. Amen.

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