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40 Days of Faith – Day 29 | Holy Spirit Party

“Leveling up doesn’t require more effort… It just requires… a prayer.”

The Status

On Day 29 of our #40daysoffaith adventure moving from MD to CO on the word of God, we got to do what we love doing: bringing down the love and power of the Holy Spirit upon the lives of hungry people.

First, we went back to the evangelical church to which God has directed us for now. After having breakfast together (pictured), we prayed and prophesied for a woman who is a prayer warrior. God wanted to impart to her the spiritual gift of intercession, so we tried to explain it in her denomination’s terms. She was open to it because God gave us some words of knowledge that resonated with her. “It’s such a coincidence that you say that,” she said, then explained why what we were saying was accurate. “It’s not a coincidence, it’s God,” we replied, “God knows everything you need, and when you need it.”

Then, we met with some new friends for dinner. The wife told us that she longed for more of God but didn’t know how to get it. “I try to read my Bible every day, but I still haven’t been able to get through it. I try to share my faith, but I don’t know how to say it.” We knew this meant she wanted to be baptized in the spirit. “Leveling up doesn’t require more effort,” we replied, “It just requires the desire to level up and a prayer to invite more of God into your heart.” We baptized her in the spirit, during which she felt a “warm tingling”, and after which she felt “more settled on the inside”. We explained some ways God may speak to her directly, and encouraged her to try them all with confidence that God will not let her fail. We look forward to hearing how she bursts forth in her spiritual growth, now!

The Takeaway

“And I didn’t know him but the one who sent me baptizing with water said, ‘The one upon whom you shall see the Spirit descending and staying, he is the one baptizing with the Holy Spirit.’” John 1:33 (from the Interlinear)

For a long time, I thought that getting baptized in water was the end-all-be-all of baptism. God proved me wrong. Now, I know we can get more Holy Spirit power every time we desire it by being baptized in the spirit. It is this power that transforms us into the image of Yeshua, not by our own leading or decision-making.

The Prayer

God, please set your church free of the lie that they must will their way to get closer to you. You do all the work by imparting more and more of your Spirit upon us, as we are able to desire and receive it. Help us desire it even more. Amen.

The Challenge

What is your #40daysoffaith adventure and how did Day 29 go? Are you hungering and thirsting for more of God?

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