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A Little Knowledge Goes a Long Way | Soldier Story

Tonight, my husband was reflecting about the highlights of his time in the military. He spoke of Airmen he got to help, and future leaders he got to inspire. Then, he asked me about my favorite moments in the Army. Thus began a new blog series called, “Soldier Stories”.

I was a second lieutenant in Iraq. I went out to the smoking area and sat next to a private or specialist. He began to complain to me about how his unit was wasting his time, making him go on this patrol or go on that patrol. None of it made sense to him, and he despised his leaders for it.

Although I didn’t know a lot about his unit, I knew enough to explain what I thought they were trying to accomplish. (I believe a major operation was brewing at the time and his unit was preparing for it.) So I explained the operation and how the activities he was doing were vital to its success.

The whole conversation took about ten minutes but his demeanor changed right away! “Ohhh, that’s why? Well, that makes sense!” he said. “Thank you, ma’am! Thanks a lot!” He walked away taller, with a small smile on his face. When he later connected with me on social media, I realized that this one moment led him to believe I was a connection worth keeping.

I’m glad I could give him just a little extra knowledge so that his long days halfway across the world, far away from family and friends, got meaning and purpose. Don’t we all need some of that?

What about you? When did a little extra understanding help you get a new perspective on things?

One response to “A Little Knowledge Goes a Long Way | Soldier Story”

  1. Serena Avatar

    I remember once in my senior year calculus class when we FINALLY understood why a particular formula had been drilled into our heads all the years prior. If only they had told us a little sooner! 😂

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