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My Interview on the Neural Transformations Vodcast | Healing Collaborations

On 17 March 2023, I got to chat with Brody Miller on his Neural Transformations Vodcast to discuss my experience with and healing journey from C-PTSD. You can find out more about Brody and our discussion in the blog below. Then, check out the YouTube video to hear the full interview. Finally, share this video with one other person who may benefit from hearing about how I am overcoming complex post-traumatic stress disorder.

Vodcast Video

“Tenay Benes On Healing from C-PTSD” Episode on Neural Transformations with Brody Miller

About Brody Miller

Brody Miller is a stress-reduction expert, brain surgery & epilepsy survivor. He is extremely passionate about the healing science of neural-plasticity that has helped him and many others overcome challenges. Brody focuses on using a compilation of evidence- and neuro-based stress reduction techniques that are designed to help people transform chronic stress & anxiety into strength and power. If you would like to find out more about Brody online, go to his profile @neuraltransformations on Instagram or Youtube where he posts weekly content on stress-reduction.

About Tenay Benes

Tenay Benes is a speaker, author, and influencer seeking to inspire others into healing by sharing her personal story of overcoming complex post-traumatic stress disorder, or C-PTSD. A dysfunctional childhood, a toxic work environment in the Army, and unhealthy relationships brought her to her knees in 2014 when, at the height of her PTSD experience, she was given a 70% service-connected disability rating by the Department of Veterans Affairs. That’s when she dove into her healing journey head-first and participated in over forty PTSD therapies (both secular and spiritual) to become the thriving daughter of God, wife & mother, Army Reserve Officer, and entrepreneur she is today. If you want to find out about her upcoming book, “God is FOR You: Here Are 40 God Stories to Prove It”, read her blog, or participate in one of her online Guided Christian Meditation events, check out

Vodcast Questions

1. Can you tell us more about  C-PTSD? What was it like growing up and into adulthood, and how do you begin to change for the better? Can you tell us more about your background with the military and being a soldier? 

2. What steps did you take to overcome C-PTSD and related conditions. and how has this journey changed you?

3. What advice would you give to someone who is struggling with C-PTSD and can’t seem to see the light at the end of the tunnel?

4. Honesty is so freaking important. Just being able to tell people the truth about myself has increased my self-respect 100-fold. Why do you believe it is important for people to be open about their struggles and vulnerabilities and how has this impacted your own healing journey? 

5. What advice would you give to someone who wants to be more authentic and vulnerable but is afraid of being judged and misunderstood?

6. How has faith played a role in your healing process and how do you use it to inspire others?

7. What has been the most rewarding experience in your journey as a motivational speaker, author, and coach?

8. What are your future plans and goals, both personally and professionally?


Here are links to the resources I mentioned in the Vodcast:

God is FOR You: Here Are 40 God Stories to Prove It

Neural Transformations

Kaiser Permanente Adverse Childhood Experiences Survey

Almond Cow

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