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Divine Appointments Network

A few months ago, I shared with you about how my family and I had a divine appointment at the Baltimore German Christmas Market with a group of Spirit-led believers. Since then, my husband and I have met with some of those believers two more times, trying to discern why God connected us, and what it is we are meant to do next. Each meeting brought great joy, but no guidance.

That’s when it hit me: maybe making the connection IS the point—at least, for now. Maybe God wants us to connect to other believers who hear the voice of God, recognize it, and obey what they hear.

So I’m considering different ways to facilitate more connections between Spirit-led believers so that—when the day comes—God can set up more divine appointments through these people to release the Kingdom of God into the world at a new level.

What are your thoughts? What are different ways I can accomplish this? What have you heard the Holy Spirit say about networking, connections, and appointments in this season?

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