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40 Days of Faith – Day 18 | Riding On God’s Will

The Status

On Day 18 of our #40daysoffaith adventure moving from MD to CO on the word of God, we entered into God’s perfect will and timing. This is an experience that one can only taste after obeying God in bold faith for a while on a specific topic. It’s that moment when God takes over the details of everything happening to you and you receive his blessings with awe and wonder.

It started first thing in the morning when, after prayer, I had a major healing experience; one that gives me and my husband renewed hope for our marriage. I will share the details another time but it was worth celebrating, and we did!

Then, the Holy Spirit began leading both us very specifically in the timing and route of our trip. My husband felt led to start today’s drive early (first time ever), and then I felt led to stop early (for lunch). Right when we stopped our caravan and entered the restaurant, the snowstorm started again. We decided to end our journey for the day and head to a travel plaza. Within the hour, I had topped up our Tesla’s charge and my husband had set up our RV (winter skirt and all) in the truck parking lot of the travel plaza. Within an hour and a half, the lot was completely full because all the big truck drivers got the same idea. Then, the snow picked up, and the roads iced over.

Weirdly, the showers and the laundry machines were completely open, and we got to take our time washing up, and celebrate the goodness of God for leading us very specifically—down to the minute—of when and where to drive.

The Takeaway

Today was Isaiah 40:31 in action—

“But the human strength of those who wait upon Yahweh shall pass away; they shall ascend with wings like eagles; they shall run without laboring; they shall walk and not be exhausted.” Isaiah 40:31 (from the Interlinear)

Today, every single decision and provision was ordered by God for us to receive, one after the other. Today, God took over our plans, and it was perfect.

“Today, God took over our plans, and it was perfect.”

The Prayer

God, thank you taking care of every detail of our trip, today. We feel so cared for, so protected, so loved. You are such a good father! Amen.

The Challenge

What is your #40daysoffaith adventure and how did Day 18 go? What is one way that you can hand your journey over to God?

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