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40 Days of Faith – Day 26 | Declaring With God

“God has been leading… me… to declare that I am healed and whole even before I fully am.”

The Status

Day 26 of our #40daysoffaith adventure moving from MD to CO on the word of God started out with a powerful and prophetic prayer session for Kingdom businesses, but culminated with my nervous system completely dysregulating. In other words, I went from “on cloud nine” to “completely freaking out” in a 12-hour period.

What happened? Well, I spent four hours trying to gently parent my strong-willed toddler by myself in a medium-sized walk-in closet—that’s what! The experience emptied my love-tank (AKA my resiliency center) and my internal alarms began sounding on full blast, my skin began to crawl, and I began to yell at my kid to go to sleep by 7 p.m. (Not a recommended tactic, by the way–and, it didn’t work.)

I reached out to some friends for prayer, but that didn’t help, either. Fortunately, my husband got home by 8 p.m. and took over. He rolled her up in her blanket like a tortilla and laid down next to/arm-on-top-of her until she fell asleep. Lately, this has been the only way she will sleep: strapped down tight in her car seat or in her bed.

I began to do a few grounding techniques to calm my body down and within a few minutes, I was feeling much less crazy and angry. I felt the Holy Spirit urge to declare “I am healed, I am whole” over myself in my head. When my husband came over to pray for me, he started declaring it out loud (even though he didn’t know that’s what I was doing silently) by the same urging of the Holy Spirit.

The Takeaway

“Remember the former times of old; for I am God and there is no other; there is no God like me. Being-conspicuous [declaring outright] the end from the beginning, from the former times things that are not done; saying, "My counsel shall stand and my delights, I will do; calling from the east a bird of prey, a man from a far country who also executes my counsel. I have spoken it and I will make it come. I have formed it and I will make it." Isaiah 46:9-11  (from the Interlinear)

When God wants something to happen, he declares that it IS the way he/she wants it to be. When I co-labor with God, then God will sometimes invite me to do the same. In this case, God has been leading both me and my husband to declare that I am healed and whole even before I fully am. God is telling me to speak that a thing will happen before it happens; to pro-fess AKA prophesy.

By the way, here’s a little postscript about my blog updates, and why I keep the faith.

The Prayer

God, you know how I will end up before I even begin to pursue it. I believe what you say about me, that I am healed and whole. I look forward to the day when my present state is fully aligned with your words. Amen.

The Challenge

What is your #40daysoffaith adventure and how did Day 26 go? What is a prophecy (something spoken before it occurs) that God is inviting you to declare over your journey?

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