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Crying Over Shampoo

So there I was—no kidding—taking a shower in the front bath house of my RV park. I reached down to pump a bit of my Innersense Organics Pure Harmony Hair Bath shampoo into my hand. In that moment, I flashed back to two years ago.

We were living in a rented townhouse in Maryland, and I was making much more money than I am now. My husband and I had discovered the Innersense Organics no-chemical hair care line a couple of months before we moved from Minnesota. Now, we had the money to buy it in bulk. I loved the non-stripping shampoo and lightweight conditioner my curly-hair stylist had recommended for my fine, curly hair. After years of struggling with different hair care products, I finally felt like I was caring for my hair without damaging it, my body, or the environment. Every time I washed my hair felt like an investment in myself.

Let the Tears Flow

My mind came back to today. I had discovered a 3/4 used bottle of my favorite shampoo in one of our storage bins. I excitedly took it into the shower stall, hoping that it would help me feel like I was investing in myself, again.

Instead, I began to cry.

“Lord! I miss our house! I miss our shower, and the ability to buy my favorite shampoo! This season that we’re in—it’s so humbling, it hurts! We are pinching every penny so that we can spend according to our values, but we built those values when we had way more money!” I said as I sobbed loudly in the shower stall. “When you humble yourself before the Lord, he will exalt you,” said Father God to me.

A Commitment to God

I realized that in this moment, I had a choice to make, so I cried out to God, “Lord, I am doing this for YOU! I am humbling myself because YOU are asking me to.” I began to sob more loudly, tears and wailing came out from somewhere in my heart. I felt some of the brokenness within me having to do with pride break down and disappear. Then, my heart felt at peace… well, relatively more peaceful, anyway.

Today, I cried over shampoo, and God used it to heal my heart of some pride—a repulsion against seeing our situation the way God sees it. As one friend once said to me, “Repentance is a gift.” Yes, it is.

Oh… and the hair bath was wonderful!

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