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Two Months Into My Hangry Hormone Reset| My Health Story

I’ve been healing my body from the American way of life for years now, with some success. But recently, God told me to read a book I heard on a podcast, and apply it to my life with renewed vigor.

Book Summary

Amazon link to Hangry, for your convenience. No, I don’t make any money off of your clicks. 🙂

The book is “Hangry” and I would describe it as “a compilation of most of the things God has already taught me about healing my body, but all in one book.” The only thing it’s missing is Holy Spirit healing prayer, but hey—we can’t have everything, now can we? 🤭 Seriously though, the book includes:

  • How to listen to your body to understand how you’re really feeling, including self-quizzes and interpretations. (This portion of the book was new to me and I loved it!)
  • How to think about food, body image, and health in a life-giving (not self-punishing) way that empowers you to care for your body.
  • How to reduce inflammation through a high-protein, high-fibrous-veggie version of Paleo/Whole30 menu, with references to additional modifications, as needed (like no nightshades or low-sugar).
  • Metabolism, bloodwork, and hormone profile testing suggestions and when to get them to tweak your healing plan.
  • Supplement recommendations and when to add them to your healing plan.
  • Hormone-balancing workouts, activities, and life rhythms as well as how to add them to your healing plan.
  • When to integrate psychotherapy as part of your hormone healing (can you say cortisol?!)

I loved it, I loved all of it. Honestly, the only part of the book I didn’t like was the use of the b-word—a derogatory term for “female”—that was used throughout the book. I guess it was supposed to be funny? In my mind, I called the program the Hangry Broad Hormone Fix, so as to not use a derogatory term on myself. (Words matter, and using loving words on ourselves matters, especially when we are in our worst state.)

Impacts on My Body

For me, applying the book’s plan has looked like: a low-sugar, no-nightshades version of high-protein organic Paleo; walking an hour a day; rehabilitative breathing and yoga poses at night; supplements twice a day; and no caffeine or alcohol at all. Today is two months in, and here’s my update:

  • I’ve been sleeping through the night for the first time in a year! No more mid-night wake ups to go to the bathroom (a symptom of insulin resistance) and no more mid-night cortisol peaks that wake me up and prevent me from going back to sleep (a symptom of anxiety/high cortisol).
  • My body is much less puffy-looking. Cutting out legumes, grains, and nightshades did the trick, just as prescribed. No more emergency trips to the bathroom either (a symptom of food-based inflammation).
  • I’ve lost six pounds. In combination with the macro-counting I learned from Juliette at Lean Mom Fitness last year, I have been able to maintain a slight calorie deficit without feeling hungry and without slowing down my metabolism. Fortunately, I haven’t had to weigh or log any food this time around. I guess my brain can finally recognize how much food is too much or too little.
  • My body is still trying to figure out how to maintain its energy levels. After overcoming symptoms of insulin resistance through a low-sugar (and low glycemic index) meal plan, my body has swung far to the other end of the spectrum with low blood sugar symptoms. These will also sort themselves out over time, as my body remembers how to release sugar from my muscles when I need energy, then store up sugar in my muscles when I don’t.

Do you know what all of that means to me? It means I’ll be back at my pre-pregnancy weight in a little over a month!

Change Your Life

The truth is, even if you don’t have sleep troubles, digestion/bowel issues, or depression/anxiety like the rest of us, your body probably still needs healing from the American way of life, too. If you live in America, your body is probably overloaded with toxins from your food supply, common household cleaners, and synthetic cosmetics/self-care products—plastics and other chemicals our bodies can’t process are everywhere and are one of the reasons we are so much more obese than the rest of the world.

If you pray and listen for God’s guidance on your next steps in caring for the temple of God (AKA your body), I bet God will give you a next step you probably didn’t expect. And I hope following God’s leading blesses the socks off of you, like it does me!

2 responses to “Two Months Into My Hangry Hormone Reset| My Health Story”

  1. Lisa Avatar

    Love this, especially the last part. You’ve been such an example of listening and following radically. Bless you, dear friend!

    1. Tenay Benes Avatar

      Thank you for your encouragement!!

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