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Winds of Change

The winds of change

They come and they go

Where they’ll stop

I never ever know

I feel them now

Again on my face

I’ve learned to sense

My latest time and place

The wind comes from

Here, it comes from there

It goes to power

Refreshing air

I never feel

Prepared for its change

Nor for my life

To rearrange

Mistakes I’ll make

As I enter new

Chapters of things to learn

And to do

So many things I can’t

Clearly see but I

Trust the writer of


God knows what I need

In each season

God let’s me learn about

God’s reasons

To plant me here

Uproot me there

Crops-pollinating me


Like a field of flowers

God sees us all

We live, we die

We rise and fall

Our life gives to God

A sweeter smell

When we pay the price

Learn how to live well

Go before me now

And go beside

Be my guard now

Before and behind

I’ll follow you into

The depths of war

So that you can walk me through

What’s in store

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