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40 Days of Faith – Day 21 | Now We Wait

“Your move, God.”

The Status

On Day 21 of our #40daysoffaith adventure moving from MD to CO on the word of God, we finished obeying every instruction we received from God about this move, from the time to leave to the place to stay, from the route to take, to the truck to rent. Now, we wait.

My Day 21 Update: “Now, we wait.”

We have a reservation at this campground for two weeks, because that is all God told me to reserve. Our storage unit is organized, our U-haul is turned in, and we are settling into new life rhythms in our new home, as we look forward to seeing what God will do.

“Settling In” – A photo of our first home-cooked meal in our camper, which is a crockpot stew using a lot of the groceries we lugged here from MD.

Fortunately, we have our next step. Yesterday, we met a believer working at a “coffee CONEX” near our campground. God led me to ask for her phone number, and we are going to her church tomorrow morning.

The Takeaway

Waiting on God is one of the most important disciplines a believer can learn—

“Wait on Yahweh. Grow strong, and he will make your inner man alert. Wait—I say—on Yahweh!” 
- Psalm 27:14 (from the Interlinear)

This is the third time I have waited on God to fulfill his/her side of a prophecy. The first time led me to marry a man better than my dreams. The second time put a miracle baby in my arms. Who can know what the third time will bring?

We have also found that learning how to wait on God is one of the most difficult disciplines to learn. This is because how we wait affects how hard it is to wait. The first time I waited in God was 3.5 years full of anguish and uncertainty. I didn’t know personally whether God was really good or trustworthy, and it left me feeling crazy to believe in what God promised me. I expected the second time to be easier, but again, the fulfillment of the prophecy was not at all what I expected (even though it was beautiful). In fact, walking it out was quite traumatic for me. So this third time, my husband and I have one goal: avoid anguish; just wait in peace and trust, and give God room to blow our minds with how he/she fulfills the God-part of the equation.

The Prayer

Your move, God. Amen.

The Challenge

What is your #40daysoffaith adventure and how did Day 21 go? How have you waited on God thus far and has it served you well?

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