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Being stuck at home during COVID kinda sucked (it was also kinda great), but one of the biggest Kingdom fruits of the whole world being house-bound was that pastors and teachers finally took to the internet in droves!

As such, the average person can now find at least a dozen free podcasts about any topic: from spirituality to sexuality, family to entrepreneurship, and everything in between. Here are some podcasts to which I can personally attest are full of the Holy Spirit, bear good fruit of the spirit, and are focused on equipping the person with power, love, and freedom.

How to Find Holy Spirit Podcasts

But before I share my list, I want to share how I found these podcasts, and how you can, too.

  1. I searched Spotify (or Apple, or Google Play) for search terms like “Holy Spirit”, “Kingdom”, “Prophetic”, “Apostolic”, “supernatural”
  2. I searched podcast players for names of people in whose teaching or worship music I have previously sensed the Holy Spirit: Shawn Bolz, Bill Johnson, Kris Vallotton, Heidi Baker, Randy Clark
  3. When I found an interview that touched me, I searched for the name of the person I didn’t know in the podcast players for other content of theirs
  4. Then I listened to an episode and prayed to seek God’s guidance on whether this podcast is for me

Now that you are equipped with how to find empowering podcasts for yourself, here is a short list of my favorites lately.

What Happens When People Hear From God

  • Host: Shawn Bolz & sometimes Bob Hasson
  • Topics: How God’s voice impacts the marketplace, the entertainment industry, and individual lives
  • Style: Structured interview; Shawn keeps people on point
  • Impact: I find it super encouraging to hear other people going after God, obeying God’s voice despite the odds, and receiving the reward of their faith
Exploring Series Podcast with Shawn Bolz on Spotify

Infusing the Earth with Heaven’s Culture

  • Host: Kris Vallotton
  • Topics: What does it look like for the Kingdom of God to infuse our world’s culture?
  • Style: Mostly interviews, some sermons
  • Impact: I regularly forward select podcasts to my husband because they affirm what God has been showing us; in fact, I already wrote about one powerful episode on this blog
The Kris Vallotton Podcast on Spotify

Sex, Marriage, and Parenting With the Holy Spirit

  • Host: Francie Winslow
  • Topics: How to pursue more spark in your marriage, Holy Spirit sexuality, intimacy in marriage, parenting with God
  • Style: Mostly sermon, some interviews
  • Impact: Francie’s podcasts on redeemed sexuality helped me overcome one aspect of sexual trauma from my past that was affecting my marriage—so much so that I already wrote about her podcast; she is certainly a preacher and loves scripture so get ready to turn the pages of your Bible
Heaven in Your Home Podcast by Francie Winslow on Spotify

Kingdom Entrepreneurship

  • Host: Pedro Adao
  • Topics: Marketing, business, finances, leadership the Kingdom way
  • Style: Short inspirational snippets
  • Impact: Some of these snippets will keep you meditating for a week on how to better align your heart and business with the Holy Spirit; there is the “Christian” way and then, there is the Kingdom way!
100X Podcast by Pedro Adao on Spotify

How about you? Do you have any Holy Spirit-infused podcasts you recommend? Please share the title and what makes you think it’s spirit-empowered. Thanks!

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