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What is God doing for African-Americans?

2020 was a historic year for my African-American neighbors. God used the viral video of the death of George Floyd to open the eyes of many a Euro-Americans (including myself) to a greater understanding of the difficult realities of being a minority in a white country. At only 160 years from the legal end of slavery and only 60 years from the legal end of segregation, God made it undeniably clear for the whole country that our African-American neighbors are still experiencing discrimination within our government, academic, corporate, and medical institutions—never mind daily cultural interactions.

When I saw that video, I cried with the tears of the Holy Spirit for his/her African-American children. When I saw the resultant Black Lives Matter movement, I felt convicted that I had also been blind to my neighbors’ pain, and hence, was a part of the problem. As more and more Euro-Americans began asking our African-American neighbors about their experience, a justice movement of the Holy Spirit became evident. I heard T.D. Jakes sum up the experience as akin to being a kid who was sexually molested all his life and, after decades, his family finally believed him. But we are not out of the woods and it’s important that we continue to co-labor with this transformation that God is bringing for African-Americans.

Yet, I not only see that God is doing something for my African-American neighbors in this nation, I know that soon, he/she will do something through my African-American neighbors for this nation. How do I know? It seems I have been sent to help them.

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Ever since I came back on active duty at the end of 2020, God has opened door after door to offer prayer for my African-American neighbors in the area. Whether at the car shop, on base at the clinic, at the hospital, or in my unit, God has pointed out believer after believer for me to approach and offer prayer.

So far, none have refused my offer of prayer.

So far, all have received the prophetic confirmations or blessings or healing miracles for which we prayed.

So far, all have received an outpouring of the Holy Spirit to redeem the pain they have suffered—whether at the hand of poverty, of discrimination, of addiction, of illness, or of miscarriage and abortion.

They are being strengthened, their prayers are being answered, and they are being prepared to bring the next wave of Holy Spirit power into this world that only they can bring because of the spiritual blessings they alone have been apportioned by God.

It’s going to be awesome.

It’s going to be powerful.

It’s going to bring an explosion of joy.

It’s going to be vital to the spiritual health of everyone else in the nation.

For it is only when every tribe, nation, and tongue gets to express the image of God through their own unique makeup that the Kingdom of God will fully invade the Earth. That’s what we want, what we have been sent by God to accomplish.

Bring it on!

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