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40 Days of Faith – Day 3 | A Friend in Need

Today’s hero was my long-time friend, who called me in the morning to say both of her appointments got cancelled and she was available to play with my kid all morning. Day 3 of our #40daysoffaith adventure moving from MD to CO on the word of God got a huge pick-me-up because of her making herself available to help. (Thanks to having child care for the first time in a loooong time, my husband and I even had a nice charge-date—where we go out to eat while our electric vehicle is charging—together.) I enjoyed my gyro (döner) very much, just as pictured.

Our bags are packed, we’re (mostly) ready to go… the laundry is still going, the kitchen, toiletries, and linens are finally sorted, and the house is fully de-baby-proofed. Movers come tomorrow!!! We drive away in four days.

Our stress level was much lower than yesterday, especially because of our friend so lovingly hanging out with our kid all morning. I also got to enjoy my last rehabilitative yoga session with another friend over video chat. As a bonus, she prayed healing over my body and emotions at the end of our session, which was so powerful! I felt like God just gave me a huge hug through my friends, today.

The Prayer

God, we ask for your wisdom on how to best spend our last few days in this house. Thank you for those who have offered to watch our daughter or host us for a meal during this time of transition. Lead us with joy and peace into our next season. Amen.

The Challenge

What is your #40daysoffaith adventure and how did Day 3 go?

2 responses to “40 Days of Faith – Day 3 | A Friend in Need”

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