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God, Me, and Medicine

I have had a cold for almost a week now, and it’s been bugging me. “God, where is my supernatural immunity?” I have asked repeatedly. (This was something I experienced for several years, and I was missing its benefits after day three of not sleeping through the night due to stuffy sinuses.)

After not getting any answers for about a week, and not seeing my cold lift off despite commanding my body to be healed, declaring that I am healed, and petitioning God for healing… I decided to go to the pharmacy.

In the Cold & Flu aisle, I picked up two different nasal sprays from the same company. “Are these in the realm of beneficial to my condition?” I asked God. “Yes! They are great medicines, and a great company,” replied God. “Which one will help me more?” I asked. “The one on the left,” said God. I was surprised because that one had less “cold and flu” symptom relief; only stuffy nose relief. But I have learned to hear and obey when I get an answer to a question, not because I’m God’s slave, but because if God took the time to answer me, I can take the time to honor God’s answer by doing it.

As I drove home, I phoned a friend who is usually my go-to prayer-partner when I’m not feeling physically well. This woman has prayed me out of gestational hypertension as well as numerous other trauma-related physical illnesses. After years of seeing the fruit of her prayers, I trust her hearing God on my behalf.

During a natural pause in the conversation, she abruptly changed the topic: “You know I asked God how I should pray for your cold,” she said. “But I heard that it was a natural sickness [not a spiritual attack], and that it was just giving your immunity a boost. I just wanted you to know that I am not forgetting to offer you prayer in your time of need.” I sensed in my spirit that she was hearing accurately from God, so I affirmed it by sharing about how I got over-the-counter medicine at the guidance of God.

“Sometimes, God really loves medicine!” I said. “You’re so right,” she replied, and, “God loves doctors and medical people, too. He just wants them to give the right treatment, at the right time, and in the right way.”

That’s right.

We may have Holy Spirit power to pray away colds, but when there is a right treatment that is accessible to us, God asks us to use it.

“After all, they need to make a living, too,” God once told me, referring to why God doesn’t always do miraculous healing when we pray, but sometimes defers to giving healing through medical people.

What was the final verdict about the medicine, you ask? I used it ONCE and it worked WONDERS! I slept through the night (first time in a week) and didn’t have to use it again, today.


3 responses to “God, Me, and Medicine”

  1. Earl Chang Avatar

    Wonderful, Tenay! Glad God led you to the right medicine and your friend prayed for you, validating God uses medicine (in this case OTC) instead of direct, supernatural healing at times. Glad you are better now! Praise God!

    I got COVID last October, but other than that, have been relatively healthy the past year. I have been boosting my immune system as much as possible, naturally by simple diet changes. I also asked God if I should invest in a tower garden so I can grow my own fruits and vegetables, and He said yes! I now have my own business selling them so that others may get healthier too, by growing your own quality food! This was a calling by God…to get healthier by giving natural food that He provides to me!

    God Bless,

    1. Tenay Benes Avatar

      That’s great, Earl! Growing your own food is a huge leap in removing toxic chemicals from your diet. (God led us to do that last year.) Please send me info about your product and I’ll share it on my blog.

    2. Earl Chang Avatar

      Hi Tenay! Yes indeed, being able to grow your own food all year round is such a wonderful blessing, especially with inflation…like everything else, produce is getting more expensive! My Tower Garden gives me & my family an easy, fast, and convenient way to healthy eating…nutrients rich & free of pesticides! 🥗 😋

      God gave me a mission this year: To step up in helping others. This is through a variety of ways: assistance with errands, sharing my time, money as needed, and helping people get healthier through proper nutrition. I have two websites: My first is all about my Tower Gardens and how you can grow your own food 365 days a year, rain or shine…the weather & climate is irrelevant!

      My second website is also healthy information about my whole food, plant-based nutrition, which is what everyone needs fir optimal physiological function.

      Thank you so much Tenay for ahsring my mission!

      God Bless,

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