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A Change in Momentum

I’m so sorry that I’ve been “off the net” (as we say in the Army) for several weeks. It’s been such a busy month, full of business trips, family events, and more healing. Healing—it turns out—slows down the pace of all other work because it takes time to recover after healing, through extra sleep and extra self-care. Of course, I don’t mind; this is a cost worth paying in exchange for all the benefits I get afterwards! But it does sap my energy from any other endeavor.

Lofty Goals

Despite my recent internet silence, I have not walked away from writing. In fact, I’ve got dozens of draft blogs in the queue… if only I had a little time or energy to finish them. Ha!

Well, I’m going to make time.

My personal goal is not only to publish two to three blogs per week, but also to finish my book, “God Is FOR You: Here Are 40 God Stories to Prove It!” by the end of June. This will allow me to start pre-orders in July, and have it published on Kindle, Paperback, and Audiobook in August! It will certainly take one more big push of editing to make it happen, but I’m learning that focused, sustained effort on one thing is better than a little effort on a lot of things.

Almost-final cover for my first book! “Like ‘em? I make ‘em.” (Haha. What movie?)

Four Months

Why am I surging with one last push to make this happen now? Two reasons:

1. It has been in the back of my mind for a month and a half that I need to finish this book. This nagging feeling (what one friend calls the Holy Spirit gentle-nag) was confirmed today when I spoke with my business consultant. I connected with this man because he has a lot of experience in the media and entertainment industry, but it turns out he also happens to be a spiritual Christian (what I call someone who is open to supernatural concepts and the seemingly-illogical leading of the Holy Spirit), has the gift of being an elder (someone who can parent a community, not just a family), and is certainly prophetic (able to see the future God desires and speak it as if it is.) This man said to me, “I sense that when you publish this book, it will change your momentum in a big way.”

2. For the past few months, God has spoken to me about the importance of publishing this book; that it will affect my life, my work, my ministry. But this past week, God has been quoting John 4:35 out-of-context to me, anytime I ask about the timing of things for which I have been praying:

“…four months, and then the harvest…”

God (also John 4:35)

Seeking Helpers

If you’d like to be involved in the book launch through reading the book ahead of time, writing a review on Amazon, sharing my social media content about the book, or emailing it to your friends, please let me know! You can sign up on this form, comment below, or send me an email using my website contact form.

2 responses to “A Change in Momentum”

  1. Bianca Avatar

    I absolutely love this prophetic word for you!!! Praying for focus and wisdom as you wrap up your book that God may fill your spirit with grace as you race towards the goal of finishing 🙂 Keep writing sweet friend!! Cheering for you from afar, B

    1. Tenay Benes Avatar

      Thank you so much for your encouragement!

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