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  • In the Battle

    In the Battle

    “It’s been a long time. I shouldn’t have left you without a dope beat to step to, step to, step to…step to… (wiki-wiki-waaah)” “Try Again” by Aaliyah Silence on the Net Do you ever have those seasons in your life in which life is so overwhelming that you can’t even stop to tell anybody about…

  • So Is the Victory

    So Is the Victory

    “There is no existence without pain… However, with me, you can turn that pain into victory.” It’s been a while since I’ve been here. Here is Hard Here, at the cusp of a prophetic breakthrough. Here, at the intersection of faith and foolishness. Here, at the crest of panic and courage. “Here” is the…

  • Financially Faithing It

    Financially Faithing It

    It’s been seven weeks since I committed to obeying God in faith by spending money as if more were coming. Practically, that meant that my husband and I declared our values to God, and allocated money accordingly. Instead of spending money according to the due dates on our bills, we spent money on what was…

  • Redefining Rich

    Redefining Rich

    “It turns out that we’ve been rich all this time, we just didn’t know it.” Y’all! The Benes Household just closed out June 2023 with a positive number in our bank account! If you’ve been following our Colorado faith story at all, you may know that when I got off of active duty in…

  • Acquiring Gratitude

    Acquiring Gratitude

    I’ve been told all my Christian life that thankfulness or gratitude is important to God. My psychology education affirmed what the Bible said, that practicing thanksgiving led to more mentally and emotionally healthy people. But it has been hard for me—harder than it seems to be for other people. I’ve asked God for years to…



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