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  • So Is the Victory

    So Is the Victory

    “There is no existence without pain… However, with me, you can turn that pain into victory.” It’s been a while since I’ve been here. Here is Hard Here, at the cusp of a prophetic breakthrough. Here, at the intersection of faith and foolishness. Here, at the crest of panic and courage. “Here” is the…

  • Writing a List

    Writing a List

    In 2015, during a prayer walk in what I affectionately called, “The God Zone” (a stretch of walking trail in which I would almost always hear God and see visions in the beginning of my walk with the Holy Spirit), I felt the Holy Spirit come to me as a loving mother. A Mother’s Job…

  • Financially Faithing It

    Financially Faithing It

    It’s been seven weeks since I committed to obeying God in faith by spending money as if more were coming. Practically, that meant that my husband and I declared our values to God, and allocated money accordingly. Instead of spending money according to the due dates on our bills, we spent money on what was…

  • Redefining Rich

    Redefining Rich

    “It turns out that we’ve been rich all this time, we just didn’t know it.” Y’all! The Benes Household just closed out June 2023 with a positive number in our bank account! If you’ve been following our Colorado faith story at all, you may know that when I got off of active duty in…

  • Is Marriage Worth It?

    Is Marriage Worth It?

    Marriage for Wrong Motives When I was young, I dreamed about getting married because I believed it was my only chance of being loved. Since my parents didn’t love me, my husband would one day become my savior. The trick would then be to get married as quickly as possible so that I wouldn’t be…

  • When Locusts Come

    When Locusts Come

    On 20230528 I made small grammatical or formatting updates for clarity. Last week felt like the week from hell in the Benes household. First, my husband caught a stomach bug that led him to diarrhea during the day and vomit at night. The next day, I left him and our daughter at home while I…

  • Never Thought It Would Happen

    Never Thought It Would Happen

    “…I have longed to be the kind of leader God has shaped me to be: a compassionate leader who can help the hurting and set the captives free.” It wasn’t until I was about five minutes into my own battalion change of command ceremony last week that I finally realized I might actually get…

  • A Change in Momentum

    A Change in Momentum

    I’m so sorry that I’ve been “off the net” (as we say in the Army) for several weeks. It’s been such a busy month, full of business trips, family events, and more healing. Healing—it turns out—slows down the pace of all other work because it takes time to recover after healing, through extra sleep and…

  • Sinning Against My Conscience

    Sinning Against My Conscience

    I was taking a walk around my RV park late tonight, praying about this painful place in my heart. A letter from the preschool about my daughter’s lack of potty training sent my heart reeling. Since my emotional response was bigger than it should’ve been for such a situation—she’s only two, and her potty training…

  • Wanting A Home

    Wanting A Home

    My 2016 #Tesla #Model X died in the middle of the road as I was leaving #Scheels with my toddler in the back seat. We had just spent an hour riding the indoor ferris wheel and getting her new athletic shoes. Despite being marketed as a #luxury car, it died like a rusty, 1958 Buick…



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