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  • Two Months Into My Hangry Hormone Reset| My Health Story

    Two Months Into My Hangry Hormone Reset| My Health Story

    I’ve been healing my body from the American way of life for years now, with some success. But recently, God told me to read a book I heard on a podcast, and apply it to my life with renewed vigor. Book Summary The book is “Hangry” and I would describe it as “a compilation of…

  • God Helps Our Infant to Sleep (Updated)

    God Helps Our Infant to Sleep (Updated)

    This is a God story. I’d like to share a praise: our baby is sleeping through the night in her own room. It has only taken 347 steps to get here. And we only discovered those after we tried 213 steps that didn’t work. One day, I became DESPERATE for sleep and I cried out…



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